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Stephen Hadhazi
Texas Public Adjuster
License # 1388578
10311 Emnora
Houston, Texas 77043
Office: (713) 689-9177
Fax: (281) 596-7508


Stephen Dwight Hadhazi
Texas Public Adjuster

License # 1388578
10311 Emnora
Houston, TX 77043



About Texas Public Insurance Adjusters Forum

The Texas Public Insurance Adjusters Forum was founded Stephen Hadhazi who wanted to create an online discussion group specifically for Texas public insurance adjusters to discuss the insurance claims environment in Texas and how it affects consumers and the public insurance industry.

Understanding that industry changes take place rapidly, Hadhazi realized that Texas public adjusters needed a way to stay informed and empowered. Thus, the creation of the Texas Public Adjusters Forum. Our goal was to create an environment where forum members would spend their time in discussions and brainstorming sessions – not trying to figure out how to communicate – and we have achieved that goal!

Discussions are moderated to ensure professional conduct and to stay on topic. Among the many topics discussed are:

• Texas appraisal processes
• Umpires and associated carrier appraisers
• (a website that rates relationships between Umpires and Carrier Appraisers)
• Toxic mold coverage
• Additional living expenses
• Ceramic floor tile damage
• Texas property damage and insurance policy terminology
• The best attorneys for assisting Texas consumers with their claims
• Xactimate, Integri-Claim, and other property damage estimating software
• The Windstorm Network
• The Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters
• . . . and many other crucial topics that all Texas Public Insurance Adjusters should be aware of!

This private public adjusters’ forum allows members to stay informed about the issues that affect the public insurance adjusting and our clients in Texas. It’s a terrific venue for sharing information and ideas as well as building relationships with fellow public adjusters facing similar business challenges. The Texas Public Insurance Adjusters Form is a unique online community built for and by Texas public insurance adjusters.

Are you ready to join the Texas Public Insurance Adjusters Forum? You must be either a licensed Texas public insurance adjusters or an attorney that works solely on the behalf of Texas consumers. Occasionally, we grant membership to licensed out-of-state public insurance adjusters.

We restrict membership to the Texas Public Insurance Adjusters Forum because we want to keep the focus on issues directly affecting public insurance adjusters and policyholders in Texas. If you’re interested in issues directly affecting your Texas public adjusting business, than this forum is for you.

Texas Public Insurance Adjusters Forum Membership Eligibility Requirements:
You must be:
• a licensed public insurance adjuster
• an attorney with a practice that is focused primarily on consumer protection issues

If you fit into the above criteria and would like to join the Texas Public Adjusters Forum, please apply for membership by filling out our membership application form.