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Stephen Hadhazi
Texas Public Adjuster
License # 1388578
10311 Emnora
Houston, Texas 77043
Office: (713) 689-9177
Fax: (281) 596-7508



Texas Public Insurance Adjusters Forum

Welcome to the Texas Public Insurance Adjuster Forum’s website where you can connect with an active community of fellow Texas public insurance adjusters. We have built a vibrant online presence consisting of over 160 of Texas’s most professional and dedicated public insurance adjusters.

While the Texas Public Insurance Adjuster is not formally affiliated with the Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (TAPIA), many of our forum members happen to be active members of TAPIA and follow TAPIA’s code of ethics.

Stephen Hadhazi, a Texas public adjuster, founded and maintains the Texas Public Adjusters Forum. Open only to licensed Texas public adjusters and the occasional consumer protection-oriented attorney, this website and private forum is made up of your peers. We periodically make exceptions for professionals with specific skills deemed helpful to our unique profession.

Benefits of Joining the Texas Public Insurance Adjusters Forum
We created this forum as a private gathering place for professional Texas public adjusters. Because the forum is private, you may speak freely with your peers and participate in discussions, questions and answers, networking opportunities, brainstorming, and good-natured camaraderie – all focused on the issues that affect the Texas public insurance adjusting profession.

Texas is a huge state, with public adjusters located throughout its borders. The forum bridges the distance, allowing you to connect with fellow Texas public adjusters simply by logging in. Visit regularly and join the discussion, share your knowledge, and connect with your peers.

Applying for Membership to the Texas Public Insurance Adjusters Forum
In order to join the Texas Public Adjusters Forum, you must meet strict professional criteria, fill out a membership application, and have your application approved by a Texas Public Adjusters Forum moderator. Fill out the online membership application form and a moderator will review it shortly. You will be notified upon approval.




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